Great Seasoning is the Secret to Good Cooking

Vanilla Beans: The Top 7 Varieties

Vanilla is the most labor intensive spice in the world! Did you know that a vanilla flower only blooms for 24 hours and every single flower in commercially cultivated vanilla is hand pollinated?

The Art of Salting

When we learn to salt mindfully and to understand and control the effects salt has on both the flavor and the chemistry of cooking our food then we have begun that journey to flavor mastery.

Salt Pairings

Let's take a deeper dive into the classic Salt Pairings: Salt + Umami, Salt + Bitter, Salt + Sweet + Sour + Umami, and Salt + Sweet. Then in Part 3 I'll go over some simple tips for cooking with salt.

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Cookbook Reviews...

The Laws of Cooking

The Laws of Cooking and How to Break Them is a cookbook designed to teach you a framework for creative cooking. And with laws like "The Law of Peanut Butter and Jelly" you know it's going to be both educational and FUN. Read on to see what you think of the other 10 laws (and how to break them).

Secrets of the Best Chefs

SECRETS of the BEST CHEFS – recipes, techniques, and tricks from America’s greatest cooks follows Adam Roberts as he cooks his way across 11 states and 50 kitchens with some of the most accomplished professional and amateur chefs in the country on his mission to help you be a more confident home cook.

In The Green Kitchen

In The Green Kitchen – Techniques to Learn by Heart by Alice Waters and friends teaches that “all good cooks have in common: a set of basic techniques that are universal to all cuisines.” The book includes chapters on 27 basic techniques like making a pounded sauce – think pesto – and also has chapters on kitchen equipment and stocking a Green Pantry.

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